Riverboarding / Hydrospeed

Riverboarding.org will be the home of the World Riverboarding Association, which was originally formed in Indonesia in 2013 to provide structure to the sport’s evolution and growth, to manage events such as the Riverboarding World Championship, and to assist with the IRA’s International Guide Certification program.


Riverboarding is a whitewater sport where the athlete navigates river rapids using a specialized watercraft (called a riverboard or hydrospeed) and swim fins for propulsion.

The sport is popular as a tourist activity in many countries, notably New Zealand, Chile, the USA, and the sport’s birthplace in France, and also as an extreme sport, with riverboarders and hydrospeeders taking on challenging class 4 and class 5 whitewater, surfing big waves, and dropping epic waterfalls around the world.

Check back soon for history on the sport, records and notable achievements, upcoming events, and more.