Riverboarding community:

Josh Galt As some of you may know already, I am stepping down from my roles as President of the World Riverboarding Association and as the Director of the Riverboarding World Championship.

This is not a recent decision – my plan as far back as Indonesia in 2013 was to do two RWC events (Indonesia and Guatemala), and in conjunction with that I agreed to serve as the President of the WRA.

I reaffirmed my stance in late 2014 to the board of the WRA that I would be stepping down after the RWC in Guatemala. It’s taken a bit longer, mainly due to the myriad tasks the WRA has taken on in service of the sport and its athletes, and because I truly care about the members of the WRA and the athletes in the riverboarding community, and I have wanted to continue serving.

But the time is here for me to move on. This is a decision I am simply making for my own life – I have only so much time and creative energy to use each day, and I am not willing to continue doing something that I don’t give 100% effort to.

In the case of the WRA then, it has become a greater responsibility than I am willing to expend the time and energy on, as that comes at the expense of other elements of my life that I am passionate about, and would like to prioritize more highly right now. So I have resigned.

I have much love and respect for the current individuals leading the WRA, and I believe that the men and women they will be adding to the organization will also be people of experience, wisdom, and integrity, who can continue to provide a strong presence as the leadership of the sport that we all love.

Charl, Denis, and Raphael are individuals whom I hold in very high regard as leaders, and as men. I know that they have the best interests of the sport of riverboarding / hydrospeed at the forefront of their minds in all they do for the WRA. They continue to do – as they have done for many years – a great deal for the sport. I hope that you will value and appreciate the results of their work as much as I do.

I will still be involved in the sport of riverboarding, just in a different capacity than the past few years. It’s simply time for me to refocus personally, and dedicate this energy to other areas of my life.

I am deeply grateful for your trust in me over the years, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished together. I have learned a great deal from being part of the growth of this sport, and I look forward to experiencing the next phase of growth alongside you all.

Here’s to being uniquely different and to seeing the river at face level! 😉

Josh Galt

Josh Galt looking back

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